Effective customer service

Effective customer service entails making clients satisfied and bringing them back to your organization. This also relates to sending them away happy in a manner that reflects positive feedback. According to xxxx, “Customer service involves a sequence of undertakings intended to enhance the level of client contentment – that is, the sense that an item for consumption or service has met desired expectations.” Just like Don Taylor’s thoughts, a good salesperson should have the capability of satisfying clients by selling or offering services to anyone. Also, an approach to customer service depends and determines whether a salesperson can provide clients with what they need. This essay will deliberate on the essence of customer service as well its relevant in entrepreneurial endeavors.  The paper will also give thoughts and opinions on this topic. From the thoughts, it would be clear that customer service entails forming a relationship between the client and the sellers.

Customer service should not be perceived as just about treating clients courteously. It is a significant component of business that can create a significant impact on the bottom line of a business and also affect how the public views your organization. From Don Taylor’s perspective, several reputable businesses have been in the headlines by finding themselves in awkward conditions because of poor customer service. However, he also thinks that it is somewhat simple to implement policies that aim at creating an effe

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