Effective, Diverse Workforce in Light of Globalization

Effective, Diverse Workforce in Light of Globalization

Globalization has indeed made the world a small village. Thanks to this, different people with diverse cultures, races, nationalities, religious beliefs, sexualities, and gender among others have been brought together. In today’s workplace, this diversity can only work for the good of an organization if it is embraced.  I will apply the knowledge gained in my course concerning professional life to create an effective, diverse working place.

First of all, I will acknowledge that the workforce and the market are diverse. With this information, I will develop rules and regulations in the workplace that respect all individuals irrespective of their culture, race, gender, religion or any other distinguishing feature among my employees. I will ensure there is no favoritism of one group and disregard of another when it comes to celebrating cultures. All groups in the workplace will enjoy their cultural holidays. As an employer, I will ensure the workers feel recognized in my organization. I will do this by attending the ceremonies personally or sending representatives from the company. I will also encourage other employees to participate in the ceremony and show love to the colleague having the cultural holiday by buying gifts to him or her.

Second I will encourage open communication by sharing my ideas to my workers and encouraging them to do so. I will ensure that tasks are divided among different workers to help the workers relate with each other and also get diverse ideas as different people have different opinions. I will encourage the workers to make an effort to understand each other. I will organize training seminars in my company to enlighten my workers on the importance of embracing diversity and how to operate effectively in a diverse global market.

Lastly, I will make decisions that are employee centered and not individual focused. I will not judge an employee based on who they are and their culture but as an independent worker in my company. By so doing I will eliminate stereotypes and prejudices.  Embracing diversity in my workplace will create happiness in the organization. As research has shown, happy employees are more productive, offer the best customer care services which lead to increased sales and profits. Therefore I will ensure all my workers and customers are fully embraced in order to harvest the fruits of happiness in an organization.

Understanding my cultural heritage will assist me to work with individuals from diverse workforce effectively. Knowing my traditions and my background will help me to know which values my culture holds dear. Having identified them, I will know how to apply them in my workplace and how to effectively relate with others who do not value what I value. For instance, if my culture does not allow me to wear certain clothes, I will address the issue with my Human Resource Manager to avoid conflicts. On my part, I will learn to be tolerant with my workmates from other cultures who are not bound by my culture and are free to wear what I cannot wear. This will yield respect in the organization and effective working relationships as no one is imposing what they believe on others and neither is one’s cultural beliefs infringed.

My cultural background will pose a challenge working in a diverse global setting. This is because, different cultures have different values, beliefs, and norms. The approaches taken by one individual to solve a particular problem might not be precisely the same approach taken by another individual from another culture to solve the same problem. For instance, it is a cultural behavior of people from the USA to speak loudly, boldly and aggressively when arguing out their points. This is not the same for people from China and Japan who prefer soft and low tones. Solving problems with Chinese or Japanese colleagues might be challenging because of this language barrier. That’s why conflicts are inevitable in workplaces, but thanks to this course, I know how to handle diversity.


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