Effects of Social Media

A large percentage of the world’s population suffer the effects of social media. The media can affect an individual at a personal level or society at large. The social media effects are noted through how it is embraced. In as much as it has positive effects, it also has adverse implications. At an individual level, the social media can be very addictive leading to over reliance where one can’t do without it. It has hurt me in my academic life, social life and also in athletics.

In regards to my academics, social media is a distractor to students whereby in classrooms the students may spend most of their time having personal interaction over the internet rather than school activities. They may also share unnecessary information like pornographic materials when there’s less monitoring by the teachers. In case the technology is allowed in the classrooms the teacher may find it hard to identify the students using it appropriately and those misusing it. In the school premises, the cyberbullying is rampant. This distracts the learning time for students since they engage in activities that consume most of their learning time and also those involved are affected emotionally. I spend most of my free time watching the TV and using the internet to research on issues that are not related to academics. This becomes even more time consuming leading to less time or me to focus on my academic life.

However, social media also affects the social life of an individual. The media has so much to be consumed that which hurts an individual in the long run. Constant use of Facebook and other social platforms creates an addiction. This addiction causes an effect mentally to a point where it is hard to cope without the internet. Interpersonal skills are lost since most interactions are done over the media by different people in different places. Some of the advertisements made contain too much wrong information that leads to us students trying to copy what we see in our day to day life. The media has also made it clear that there are different classes of people, the rich and the poor, and all are accorded different level of respect. It creates an image of status in the society since the successful keep on being featured on TV or other sources hence creating the need for all to be in such levels. People resort to whichever activity to get to such level as being aggressive and using violence to get money.

Additionally, the media has caused a significant impact on my athletic life. I spend most of my time on the internet and get so much information about whichever thing I want. I can easily purchase or sell commodities to a broader market over the media. It limits my physical life in such a way that I find no reason to go out and perform tasks manually. Most people spend most of their time online and the free time available they use it to play online games which engage the brain mostly. The other body parts are left dormant and it may happen over a long period leading to health issues.

In conclusion, social media can be of very great help in each sector of the society it depends on how an individual consumes it. Despite having too many negative perceptions about it, many people benefit from it. There is too much tolerance on the education sector, athletics and also social way of life on how to interact with different people in the society. The negative implications come into place in cases where there is misunderstanding or misuse of the media. Enough guidance should be given to the young by the elder people acting as role models.