Effects of Teen Opioid Addictions

Effects of Teen Opioid Addictions

Drug abuse and criminality have an intimate relationship as drug abuse leads to criminal behavior. It is a problem that affects many people ranging from young people to adults. Recently, the issue has been rampant on young people as it is found that teens are most affected by drug abuse. Once they are addicted to these drugs, they tend to involve immoral behaviors such as robbery, domestic violence, and even rape. All these are various problems that affect society today as most teens are addicted to opioids thus resulting in juvenile delinquency. Drug violence relationship among the teens is complicated as it results from intoxicating doses or withdrawal effects of specific drugs. This poses a problem even in schools as they can act rudely to their teachers or also cause chaos. This essay will focus on the effects of teen opioid addictions on juvenile delinquency.

Research is to check on whether teen opioid addiction can lead to juvenile delinquency. It will look at the number of juveniles that are under inquiry that have been booked for various crimes .the history of illegal substance among these group and different illegal cases that have resulted from it. There will also be the involvement of study of the rate of consumption of various drugs such as tobacco and cannabis among others. The study will also capture the type of drug that has been related to more severe crimes in a different place such as at home and in schools. The specific age that is profoundly affected will also be checked to be recorded to determine the particular age that is profoundly affected and also to be separated from others for security purposes.

The research on the effects is be carried out in schools and homes among other places where these teens can be found. This is to be done through observations and a precise study of various similar cases that have been happening in the recent world. Through all these methods, the study will be able to get an apparent effect that are associated with these drugs. It will check at the association that the teens have on criminal behaviors such as robbery, domestic violence, and rape cases. This will require the researcher to visit the criminal investigations offices to check the records that these teens are involved in. This will help them to know the extent to which these drugs affect teens behaviors.

The consequences of teens involved in drug use is also an issue that is to be considered. The study is to check on how arrest, adjudication, and intervention by juvenile justice leads to substance abuse and delinquency in teens. Even though it cannot be deduced that substance abuse leads to misconduct or delinquency leads to substance abuse, they are strongly related to each other. Drug abuse among teens causes fear to communities thus leading wasting of resources through theft or treatment of teens when they are injured during the violence. Besides fear, there are a lot of problems that are associated with substance abuse among teens such as drug trafficking, prostitution, and homicides. In short, teen opioid addiction on juvenile delinquency can lead to robbery, domestic violence, rape and other criminal behaviors which cause a lot of fear among in society a problem on how to help solve the situation.


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