Elaiapharm Business Report

Executive summary

Our consultancy firm has been contracted by the company Elaiapharm, a France company dealing with the provision of manufacturing, packaging, and pharmaceutical development services. We have the responsibility of coming up with a way to enable the company to be more sustainable. Our consultancy firm will focus on the contribution of the board leadership, stakeholder engagement, human rights, transportation, investor dialogue, accountability, and disclosure towards the achievement of sustainability in the firm. The products and services of the organization are the best and popular in the market.

Introduction –background of the company

Elaiapharm is an organization in France that deals with the provision of contract manufacturing services, pharmaceutical developments, clinical packaging, and commercial services. The development services of the company include formulation and pre-formulation, galenic development, feasibility studies, life cycle management, reformulation management, process optimization, support and documentation of regulations, ICH stabilities, and development and authentication of analytic methods. Additionally, the organization manufactures stable dose, sterile, non-sterile, and liquid products.

The report will focus on the operations of the company, how to enhance sustainability in the organization, the importance of sustainability to the organization, and the individuals who will help in achieving sustainability in the company. Additionally, the report will focus on the benefits of the employees to work in harmony, the findings from the researches, and thereon the recommendations to the entity.


Our finding of the best ways to help Elaiapharm company to be more sustainable include the following;

  1. Engaging employees in the activities of the company will enhance sustainability. The organization is using its human resources to incorporate sustainability into the culture of the company starting from hiring practices, training, and development of employees to enhance their efficiency. Therefore, integrating human resource in the company will improve sustainability.
  2. Management sustainability. Elaiapharm Company has a steering committee and risk committee to hold the top executives accountable for their undertakings to ensure sustainability in the performance of the company.
  3. Human rights. Elaiapharm Company has a policy that integrates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Social and Cultural Rights. The organization applies such rights to enhance sustainability in the operations of the organization by safeguarding the rights of employees and other stakeholders.
  4. Stakeholder engagement. The company engages all the stakeholders involved in the provision, delivery, and supply of its services and products. The company strategizes on sustainability strategies and objectives to deal with climate changes and public issues to enhance sustainability in its undertakings.
  5. Following the sustainability steps. In improving sustainability in the organization, the company follows four steps like designing sustainability goals, assigning people, allocates resources, and looking out for improvements.



Sustainability in the organization will enhance the delivery of its services to its esteemed customers. The company will make significant progress in the achievement of sustainability. The company creates conditions for its stakeholders by ensuring that resource planning is in line with them as they play a vital role in the organization’s sustainability footprint. By incorporating sustainability practices in the company, Elaiapharm will benefit both socially and economically. Therefore, the achievement of sustainability in the company will enhance the growth of the company.


We recommend the company to convene a meeting with all stakeholders immediately to come up with strategies on how to achieve sustainability in the organization. Additionally, the company should incorporate all its stakeholders to ensure the success of the company in achieving sustainability. Finally, Elaiapharm Company should ensure accountability by putting in place clear oversight policies to ensure sustainability.

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