Eliade’s View of Religion

The Sacred and the Profane by Mircea Eliade provide an analysis of various components found within the different world religions. In this book, Eliade applies the history of religion to support his ideas because the book is regarded as a brief introduction to religion, especially those of the primitive societies. In this book, the thesis of Eliade is that religion can be understood using two concepts: the sacred and the profane where the profane entail things that are random, less important and ordinary while the sacred means the opposite.

Eliades tries to prove that sacred is different from profane and it cannot be explained in relation with the profane. At the same time, he seeks to support the idea that Christianity is the contentment of other faiths and superior to them, instead of just focusing on one in a lengthy list of religious beliefs.

While trying to prove his point of the differences between the sacred and the profane, Eliade notes that the sacred is often regarded as the real component of the world, but the non-sacred is vague with lack of a structure. Th

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