Email etiquette


Sandwich shop provides a wide range of police offers. The type of coverage to be taken for the shop depends on the current situation of the shop. The coverage is then adjusted carefully so that it can suit your job or the condition of the shop. It depends on the duration the shop has been operating in the market and the location of the shop. Insurance can also be taken depending on the number of customers visiting the shop. Therefore, there is an excellent variation on the kind of coverage policies offered. However, some of the systems that are provided are optional, and you can decide to choose the ones that are favorable and fit for your pocket. For instance, I can recommend you to take building coverage where your sandwich business will be operating. The cover will protect your business against general risks in case you lose the building you can be compensated. The most critical protection for your business is content coverage. The insurance policy will be responsible for covering all the items that are used in the market. Some of the things that are covered by the system include the ovens, tables, decorations, cash registers, and other storage equipment in the building. Besides, I would like to recommend you to take the equipment breakdown coverage.

The cover will play a significant role in your business because all the broken equipment like chairs and tables will be replaced or repaired. Besides, the business needs to take health-related insurance-like product liability coverage. The police will protect and cover the company on the spread of an illness that is foodborne. The cover will help you to stop them, and at the same time, the customers will be safe. Food contamination coverage is another policy which I think is essential to your business. The cover will assure all the perishable food that may spoil during the specified period. The sheets will help you to operate the business without fear since all the risks will be taken care of since the business deals with online delivery. If you make all the recommendations seriously above, then the sandwich business will be good news to all your customers.

On the other hand, taking a swimming pool insurance needs you to understand all the implication and risks associated with the swimming pool. For instance, swimming is associated with hazards such as drowning. It is vital to take some security measures that will help you to protect the neighborhood children who may access the swimming pool unmonitored.  The insurance company that will make the cover will agree with the required fence height to construct as one of the terms and conditions. The swimming pool can be included in the home insurance, and the cost of insurance and the amount of coverage will increase. Finally, I would like to recommend you to take the liability insurance to cover for the cars. The cover is compulsory but the policy is, and it does not typically include unlimited liability. The system will cover all injuries that you may cause to people and other vehicles or properties. The insurance can be optional since you can decide to use your assets to pay any form of damage on occasions where the insurance cover exceeds insurance amount.



Filippone, M., & Survinski, M. (2016). The Importance of Etiquette In School Email. American Secondary Education45(1).

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