Emotional labor

Emotional labor is the requirement in jobs that an employee display and maintain necessary emotions towards customers and any other party. Some professions require employees to maintain some kind of emotions to be able to interact with customers. Teaching is the profession with the highest requirement for emotional labor. Teachers interact with students, parents and community representatives constantly for a long time. Teachers are thus expected to always be nice whatever the situation.

The nursing profession also involves emotional labor. Nurses are expected to be supportive of their patients and their families. Nurses interact with different people each day. Thus, it is important for them to maintain an assuring mood to motivate the patient. It is significant to always be caring to the patient. Emotional labor varies with the context. Nurses need to be good listeners. They should not interrupt the patient.

The human resource department deals with all employees issues. Human resource employees are thus expected to maintain some level of emotions in their work. When interviewing people for positions, professionalism must be observed. Behavior such as laughing at the interviewee is not allowed. In addition, when dealing with issues in the work place, some sense of caring should be maintained. They should be assuring when things go wrong.

To help employees address the personal impact of emotional labor, employers should train the employees on how to manage the emotional labor. These trainings can be done through drama workshops, assignments and self-assessments. Mostly, employees are not trained on how to manage emotional labor in school. Thus, it is the role of the employer to teach the employee on the necessary skills to help manage emotional labor.



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