Endangered wildlife- Should corporations take the lead in protecting wildlife?

Endangered wildlife- Should corporations take the lead in protecting wildlife?


Wildlife conservation is common to talk in every country. Every person, young and old is talking about it. Perhaps it is because people love animals although some fear certain category of them. However, there are far much more reasons why wildlife conservation should be a talk of the day. Most people are not aware of the other advantages which human leap from the wildlife. It might be the reason as to why, although people want and are trying to conserve wildlife, the efforts remain very low. Also, the methods people and some governments are using to conserve the wildlife are making the situation worse. This paper analyzes the importance of wildlife and the reasons why wildlife conservation is still below the standards, to suggest that corporations should take the lead in protecting them.

Importance of wildlife

One and the most common significance of wildlife is a tourist attraction. Wildlife creates an exciting appearance to people. People enjoy watching behaviors of animals and plants in their natural environment. They create a place to spend leisure time.  Most countries are depending on the revenue generated from tourism as a result of wildlife. The unique wildlife a state has the higher the number of tourists. For example, a wild cat or the tiger is not common in the most country, but India has it. Borneo has the endangered proboscis monkeys and several species of hornbills among others(Peiró-Signes et al., 2015). People are using wildlife photographs and videos to make documentaries which are earning them revenue. The  US, to justify the advantage wildlife to a country collected a total of $334M from wildlife tourism in 2015(Peiró-Signes et al., 2015). The advantage of wildlife to a state validates the need for conservation.

The most important advantage of wildlife to human is the provision of stability to natural processes. Natural processes are those which human beings cannot be able to control like rainfall and temperature. Using rain as one of the benefits of wildlife, plants are essential in ensuring that there is rainfall in a given area. A scientist has gone ahead and established how trees attract rain through Due to bionic pump. Animals on the other are associated with regulation of heat through a process known as heat evolution(Feilen & Marshall, 2017). The wildlife animals and plants are also sources of nutrients for the soil. They benefit human being by providing fertile ground for growing food crops. Some cultures and even scientist have identified certain plants with medicinal value. The animals are also sources of food to some cultures. The many advantages of wildlife have created a need to conserve the natural environment.

Why it is below standard/ challenge in conserving wildlife

Involvement of government and individuals in conserving the environment yield minimal advantages because of the selfish nature, corruption and the advantages of wildlife. Peo

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