English Journal

At the beginning of the Dave Chappelle HBO Comedy, Dave starts by explaining where he started as a young man. To make his point clearly understood, Dave pronounces some words and phrases by making them longer, louder and higher in pitch. To my understanding, the idea here is to make the words and the phrases get the audience’s attention. By stressing the word “restaurant,” Dave wants to let the audience know of the nature of his first job. Other words that have been stressed by making them, louder and higher in pitch are “fourteen” and “meal.” The intention here I believe is to make the audience know the exact year Dave figured out he can do comedy. Besides words, there are also phrases that have been stressed in the video. Phrases like “middle of August,” “yes! Yes, I did” and “over and over again” are some of the phrases in the video that are stressed when pronounced. Dave pronounces them by making them longer, louder and higher in pitch.

As a new English speaker, I would comfortably say that my language skills and conversation level have progressed well. Besides I am now familiar with grammar. This owes much to the fact that I listen to English conversations a lot. I spend hours and hours listening to people speaking English. So I do not get bored, I listen to things that interest me. I have learned that by listening to things that I enjoy makes it easy for me to comprehend English conversations.  I engage too much in interactive listening. In other words, I find myself and I enjoy talking with native English speakers than just listening to recorded TV shows or programs. This has helped me to listen more carefully and give responses where necessary. This makes me believe that my English conversation comprehension has significantly improved.




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