Environmental Science

Environmental science is an academic field that comprises of the physical, biological and information sciences to the study of and solutions to the environmental problems. The research involves field work where one is intended to encounter different climates and habitats. It also requires laboratory work where one learns to test, analyze and interpret results. Environmental science involves the study of the combination of many subjects like physics, biology, geography, social science, and chemistry to acquire broad skills.

While studying environmental science the main areas of interest include; first, ecology which shows how organisms relate with the environment and amongst themselves. The second area is the geoscience which involves the study of the earth’s natural processes. Also, there is environmental chemistry which deals with environmental pollution, consequences, and control. The last area is the atmospheric sciences comprising the study of the atmosphere.

Environmental science has various benefits to the learners.According to (Rosen, 2017) one of the benefits is that it helps them to get solutions to challenging global environmental problems like climate change and desertification through use of different disciplines and approaches. Another advantage is that people with knowledge in environmental science can guide the public on how to avoid pollution and how to utilize the resources efficiently to have a friendly ecosystem. Enabling the adoption of clean and efficient technologies to prevent infection is also another benefit of environmental science. Through environmental sciences, people can utilize natural resources such as water and fossil fuels with minimum pollution. All in all the course helps people to know how daily activities affect the people and the environment either positively or negatively.

Environmental science is broad in terms of career opportunities. Some of the career fields associated with this course according to ;( Kreme, 2009) includes; academics where teachers are hired to teach the class. Another one is Non-Governmental Organizations which aims at conserving the environment and utilization of natural resources with minimum pollution. With environmental science people can get government jobs in government bodies such as ecological industry, national parks and also as a consultant.one can even get a job with international agencies such as World Bank and UNEP.not to leave out one can be a green marketer of eco-friendly products and green advocate to ensure implementation of proper environmental laws.

Environmental science is interdisciplinary that deals with broad fields hence affects both natural and unnatural processes. With ecological scientists, a wide range of ecological problems and solutions are analyzed therefore creating a better living environment for everyone. People are also able to minimize the pollution of water, air, and soil.

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