Human science entails measures to change the environment within which people exist with the intention of improving human life. The word “ergonomics” has been used over years and many people even those in architecture and design do not have an understanding of the word in terms of its origin and context. The writer, Harwood supports this point when he says “ergonomics” and its adjectival derivative “ergonomic” have become household words.”  Understanding ergonomics has high impacts in the design industry on the way of design machines to work in the environment that human life exists. Thus, Harwood believes “ergonomics” needs to maintain its primary meaning in the world of design to improve human life while maintaining the desirable environment to allow sustainable survival.

Harwood gives the ideal meaning of ergonomics in what can be seen as bring its initial idea into perfective as applied in architecture. The writer says, “As the applied science of designing what is known as the “man-machine” system, ergonomics concerns itself with the hyphen between “man” and “machine,” the means by which “man” and “machine” may be brought into dynamic and productive harmony.” By this statement, the author tries to express the intended role that the invention of the machine is supposed to play in its interaction with human beings. So the designing of the machines in the environment needs to assist humans in trying to make things work out rather than causing discomfort to survival.

There is a need to have a cohesive relationship between the environment and people as intended by designs such as new machines. Harwood supports this point when he says, “in other words, for the human being to be at home in this brave new world, the human being would have to become a machine like a new man with objectives.” The author calls for people to adopt the objective means of handling the machines to better the environment. To this extent, I agree that designing the environment to have new inventions has everything to do with making life more favorable and sustainable for human life. Thus, machines should be considered keeping the environment a better place and make it more attractive.

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