Esfahan, BBC Documentary

This is a discovery video of the Esfahan city. The city is normally referred to as “half the world”. This is because the moment an individual visits the city; it is like they have already experienced half of the world. The video tries to demonstrate various aspects of the people within this city. Esfahan became the capital of Persia in the late 16th century. The video has explored various aspects of the people including flavors, food and culture. Various elements that symbolize the power of government, power of the economy and power of Islam have been outlined too. The Bazaar has been demonstrated as a historical market; where almost everything is traded. This includes art, music and handcrafts among other things. The video has also highlighted the war that took place between Iraq and Iran during the 1980s. People in the city usually commemorate this event since it resulted to the death of 36,000 people from Esfahan. Religion; for both the majority and minority have also been demonstrated.

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