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There’s a small percentage of students who have the ability to write quality essays. This is because of the difference in intelligence that exists between individuals.

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There are high chances that writing is not going to be part of your career choice, and this will raise the question of why you need to be a good writer. It’s therefore natural that every professor and teacher will push you to be a great writer. They’ll, therefore, give you tones of assignments and essays that should be written, something that most students hate. You can wriggle yourself out of all this by having your essays written by a real professional. offers a vast array of essays and custom papers, ranging from high school level to doctorate.

As a student, you are never short of options. If you need essay help, you can:

  • Decide to visit an old relative who taught English years ago
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  • Pay a visit to the library to get a book or look for essay writing help online.
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Essay Writing Help for all Types of Essays

Essay writing is critical in any branch of academics. Essays are written in high school, college and university in various tests and applications. To write an essay, one is supposed to choose the type of essay; that is if it has not been provided. Often one is guided by keywords that should be used in the essay. Different essays are characterized by different formats and content.


Types of essays that we cover

The essay topic or question gives a very important clue as to which type of essay is to be written.

  • Narrative Essay Help

This type of essay usually tells a story, describing real life experiences and situations. The writer, therefore, should engage the readers and stick to the general essay structure-introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

Apart from punctuation, the flow of ideas and grammar, examiners do pay close attention to things such as descriptive details, development of action and dialogue.

  • Expository Essay Help

It involves certain aspects such as investigating the idea, supporting the idea and explaining some issues. Using citations, examples, and data, the writer should analyze the topic and prove it and its relevance.

Cohesion between paragraphs (separate ideas), evidence supporting the thesis and the conclusion are some of the important aspects of this essay. Just like any other essay, it should be able to attract and captivate the reader.

  • Persuasive/argumentative essays

Just as the name suggests, this essay persuades or tries to prove an argument. It convinces the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view, regardless of whether the reader agrees with or opposes the idea. A persuasive essay is similar to an expository essay, the difference being an expository essay prepossess the writer’s point of view

Here, you are required to describe something. Maybe an event, an item, a place or anything else, appealing to the reader’s emotion. Keeping your essay organized as well as using your words well will be your ticket to success.

These are the main types of essays you are likely to encounter within the course of your study.

  • Definition Essay Help

If you don’t have enough time, or you’re experiencing difficulty writing the essay, you can have our online essay support complete the pending essay. Our team of highly qualified writers will handle your essay with no difficulty as they have done it before.

  • Informal Essay Help

Informal essays are written for pleasure. The essay helps you organize your thoughts on a specific topic, to express your points of view and reflect on readings. Writing an informal essay is easy, but only if you have the time. You can take advantage of our writers who are always eager to help you.

  • Classification Essay Help

In a classification essay, the writer sorts things into various categories. When writing this type of essay, it’s important to: Organize ideas and things into useful categories, use one organizing principle and include examples of things that fit in every category.

  • Compare and Contrast Essay Help

A comparison presents the similarities between two objects. Contrast, on the other hand, goes for the difference. This type of essay is common in academic writing. Students prefer writing this type of essay as it gives them enough space for creativity.

  • Deductive Essay Help

Deductive essays play a very crucial role in evaluating students’ knowledge levels in many courses. Based on logic and evidence, you need to deduce the given issue and establish an argument. A good deductive essay should be focused and clear; each paragraph focusing on a particular aspect or point while using examples to lead to a conclusion.

  • Process Essay Help

A process essay describes how something works. It serves to lead the reader through the task and ensure certain success. If you find this to be too much, experts from are always ready to help you.

  • Critical Essay Help

A critical essay is a variety of academic writing that analyzes, interprets and evaluates a text. In this essay, the writer makes a claim on how a particular idea or theme is conveyed in the text. The author then supports the claim based on evidence from primary and secondary sources.

  • Personal Essay Help

Personal essays relate to intimate thoughts and experiences to universal truths. This essay is common in freshmen composition courses. Employers, as well as professional and graduate schools, will ask you to submit a personal essay before being considered for the interview.

  • Literature Essay Help

This type of essay generally discusses the writer’s interpretation of the theme, a literary piece or an idea. A literature essay may be about a book or any other imaginable literary topic.

  • Response Essay Help

With deadlines fast approaching, making the draft of a response essay on a novel, a book or a film can be tough. We have a vast array of quality essay writers who will give you the required help to come through.

  • Admission Essay Help

In almost every case, the admission essay is the first thing to be looked at by the admissions board. This is one and probably the only chance you’ll have to impress them and earn a place in that university or college.

  • Scholarship Essay Help

Students often need to apply for scholarships to finance their education. There are many scholarships being offered, and all you need to do is apply. Boost your chances of winning the scholarship by using our scholarship essay writing service.

  • MBA Essay Help

Understandably, these essays differ from the rest. While writing this essay, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Start early and familiarize with the essay writing basics
  2. Understand the prompts of the essay
  3. Evaluate and demonstrate how you fit with the program
  4. Observe the word count
  5. Review and edit your essays


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