Ethical Dilemma Case

Question 1

The ethical dilemma that emerges here is about Keri Kalani’s decision on whether to tell the Chief Executive Manager about actions of the production manager or not to inform her at all.

Why shouldKeri Kalani informthe Chief Executive Officer,Mr. Stokes, about the discovery?

Question 2

The case of a high number of defective disk drives was brought about by an ineffective application of information technology. The correct use of information technology would have rectified the problem.

Question 3

Customers: They have the right to get value for their money by having quality drives. After all, they have paid for the drives, and, thus, they need to be supplied with worthy ones, not faulty,or ineffective goods.

Keri Kalani: She has the right to defend her ethics as an accountant by exposing her boss. It would be more ethical if she would have chosen to report the problem to the manager instead of keeping it to herself. She also has the right to remain silent, but at the expense of her losing her job upon discovery of the truth.

Production Manager: Has the right to scrap defective drives.Defective drives should not be allowed to reach to customers, because this is unethical and also leads to loss of clients. Everyone would want to have quality items,which is not the case due to deliberate mistakes by the production manager.

Quality Control Manager:The manager has the right to inspect new drives before being packaged. He has the right to pick any carton that has already been packaged and examine its contents so that quality is not compromised, and ensure that customers get value for their money.


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