Ethical Dilemma Questions

Question 1

The ethical dilemma presented in the case of Bonnie Morgen attending his new job for the first time is presented when she is struck by the fact that Jerry who previously worked in the company had been hired in the firm for more than three years, yet he had inadequate formal training in accounting to manage the company. Bonnie is also set to work for the general manager and be responsible to the Chief executive officer. An ethical dilemma comes in when the company policies and regulations require that general managers and CEOs should evaluate the performance of controllers.

Question 2

The management in the industrial company set various limits for ethics in the firm. The general manager and the chief financial officer in the firm is influenced by the way the firm should carry out its activities. The management affects the code of ethics in which the organization operates (Lamberton, 2018). As a controller in the manufacturing industry, the supervisor limits Bonnie on operations that she should perform in the company regardless of the company policies on allocation of duties.

Question 3

According to the Institute of Management Accountant standards, Bonnie violated the company policies by performing the duties that she was assigned by the general manager and the chief executive officer. She also presided over Jerry’s roles in the office although the office required advanced formal training yet she was not.

Question 4

For the essence of Bonnie to adapt to the company policies, she has to see the legal advice regarding her roles in the company so that ethical issues in the company are not violated.

Question 5

Bonnie should identify the code of ethics that operate in the company so that he abides by the ethical issues required by the Institute of management accountants.




Lamberton, B. (2018). Bonnie morgen: First day on the job and facing an ethical dilemma.