Ethnicities and Global Multiculture

Ethnicities and Global Multiculture

Growing labor migration in Japan since the 20th century is viewed in regards to human rights, with multiculturalism being talked about rarely. Why does Japan face the challenge of internalization and globalization and what can they do to address the issue? Japanese, as well as foreigners, view Japan as one cultured society. When did the mainstay of Japan start? One must understand the meanings of different ethnicities to understand their meanings. Ethnicity interpretation and categorization comes after understanding nations. What frameworks are applied in distinguishing civic and ethnic nationalism?

The McDonaldization of Society

What are the profit margins for McDonald’s both locally and intentionally and how has Macdonaldization influenced the consumption of fast foods both from the country and abroad? Why do many people think that MacDonald has become like a sacred institution and ultimate icon of America hence making it one of the best fast food restaurants? Do you agree that McDonaldization has increased consumer alternatives by providing ready food from different countries such as Mexico and China or do you think that it has led to negative health impact such as an increase in the cases of obesity?

Theories of Globalization

Why do agents experience cultural rules as either constitutive or objective and are is there something like word culture and if yes what does it entail? What are cultural diversification and cultural hybridity and how is it related to globalization.  Is media globalization a myth or is it significant as it forms part of communication between different culture and as well as a cultural orientation? Are culture and economies related and what is the relationship between the two?