Intersectionality is a common paradigm in ethnicity studies. It is mostly concerned with the differences in gender, race, class and sexuality in U.S. The racial categorization has been paramount in understanding racial formation in United States and intersectionality is concerned with these factors. According to Omi and Winant, race is not reducible to ethnicity, class or nation(Lee &Min , 2004). Racial categorization has been changing radically overtime which has prompted development of several race theories. From Omi and Winant’s work, it is clear that race is neither a fact nor an illusionbut it’s sedimentation of vast array of racial projects. Gender, sexuality and race have been critical in determining ethnicity in the American culture. Understanding the relationship between race and gender has been a fundamental tool in understanding racial formation in America.

Color differences have been a major area of discussion. Whiteness or blackness in America has been a major concern as it has been the basis for racial abuse in the states. Some of the white Americans have had the tendency of discriminating their white counterparts. It has also been the basis of forming their different political affiliations. The racial difference as a result of whiteness and blackness has great impact on life chances of many Americans. For instance, if one wants to ascend to power, it will be greatly determined by the color of the skin. The blacksand whites have for long time been separated as two different ethnicities which are all power obsessed (Lee &Min , 2004). Neither of the two ethnicity group would vote for the other group to rule. The Americans have however embraced diversity associated with the different ethnic groups as it can be evidenced by the election of Barrack Obama who is from the minority black.

Settler colonialism has happened in many parts of the world including America. It is a global and transnational phenomenon which is continuous from the pats and in the present. Settlers come to dominate the natives and use their labor and resources to get to greater heights settler colonialism also ensure that the natives get vanished and occupy their resources. As a result of settler colonialism, many Americans have been erased, killed and marginalized in different aspects (Lee &Min , 2004). This has happened in search of power and productive lands. Others have vanished for lacking paper medical care thus making them extinct. Different ethnicities have also been used as slaves thus forcing them to flee such areas in search of freedom.

Capitalism is an economic aspect which refers to a situation whereby economic activities are managed by individuals and private firms. Major production and consumption decisions in such economies are purely made by private firms and individuals in decentralized economy. Understanding capitalism is very important in answering several questions that relates to ethnicity and discrimination based on gender and race (Lee &Min , 2004). This is because capitalism is associated with other types of economic organizations that promote slavery and feudalism. Slavery and feudalism will have great impact on blackness or whiteness, gender and race differences. They are also known to advance class exploitation which can have great effects in promoting settler colonialism where capitalists will oppress the minority. Capitalism enables people of different people to settle indifferent parts of the United States thus enabling promotion of diversity.


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