Ethnography Research on Social Media

Ethnography Research on Social Media

  1. Introduction

WeChat is social networking as well as a microblogging service. The social site has been in existence since 2011 and has attracted lots of users. The advancement in technology has enhanced the development and establishment of various social sites. For example, Instagram and LinkedIn are some of the famous social sites used by the business people and for individual entertainment. However, every social site has its satisfaction. I find WeChat interesting because of the programmed features, which allows an individual to share information in different ways. Currently, many people are using WeChat for communication, sharing ideas, business and for the entertainment. An individual can easily share media files such as videos and images to express an opinion or provide a reference to the developing news. Therefore, feature embedded on the platform has enabled different users to fulfill their social engagement needs.

Open and Focus Coding

Media Diary

The advancement in technology has changed the methods of communication and interactions. Many social sites have emerged to facilitate the communication of people. Some of the famous social media sites include WeChat, Snap-Chat, Twitter, and Instagram. Being an enthusiast user of WeChat social site, I always use mobile phones and computers to encode and decode messages. The site is programmed such that it can be used to post a status that reflects personal life. The features available have been increasing since its inception. Other people can read my posts but must be connected to them. However, as the sender of the posts, I have the option of making them private. Notably, private posts can only appear on the pages of friends and family. Currently, WeChat app can also be installed in the smartphones as well as browsers can be used to create WeChat account.

Public figure

Richard Branson is one of the public figures that use Twitter to create awareness on the different topics of interests. His twitter handle is @Richardbranson, and he has lots of followers who contribute to his conversations. It is clear from his Twitter social page that his tweets are climatic change oriented. He has many followers that benefit from his postings. He uses different programmed features of the twitter to communicate to the people. For instance, he uses the hashtag to indicate the topic of discussion per day. While posting his posts, he is cautious of his state in the public image to ensure compatibility of the posts with the followers.

  1. Axial Coding


It is apparent to note that public figures use social media in different ways as compared to individuals. For instance, Richard Branson uses Twitter to communicate with a large group of people. On the other side, I use WeChat to express my ideas to a small group of people who are my friends and family members. For instance, I only communicate with people I know. Richard Branson addresses the Public to communicate a different idea. In addition, Richard Branson has a public page while my WeChat page is for private purposes.


The way we use the programmed features of social platforms is the same. I find WeChat interesting due to the scheduled features on this social site. Sharing information with friends and families using WeChat is exciting, fast and convenient. Also, through twitter Branson can share his opinions effectively and fast to a large group. The sites provide options that allow both of us to share media files such as videos and pictures. In this regard, we both share live events with our target audience. An individual can follow up events as they happen because it is possible to stream live videos. Twitter does not limit the information or media files to be shared just like WeChat. Users can share as many files as they want. Also, the sites allow the users to share the information they have posted for public viewership.

  1. Literature review

WeChat is one of the fast-growing social sites in modern society. The site has introduced many programmed features since 2011. The users of this social site can use hyperlinks to provide evidence to their findings. For example, the media stations are using this technology to provide links to the articles and reports on certain news. On the other hand, Twitter does not provide enough space for writing many words (AlMansour, 2017, p.4). The hyperlink gives the user an opportunity to direct the users to another article to exhaust the content. The headlines are always short, and the users use them to attract the audience. The readers can use the hyperlink to visit the website and explore other stories. For this reason, many business organizations are using this social site to communicate with customers. Accordingly, Twitter is among the most secure social website for spreading the news. Different media companies have official pages in the twitter and WeChat platforms to reach out to a diverse audience. It is easier to identify the official and authenticated pages from the fake ones. Large media companies have authentication and validation from support. They have a blue sign, which symbolizes the official site. Also, public figures such as politicians, media personalities, entrepreneurs among others have official pages that they use to communicate with their followers.

Twitter allows people to use a unique identity. Business organizations can include their unique identity as “underscore.” The users always use the unique identity once. Two users cannot share their unique identity. It is always upon the new users to come up with their unique identities. Furthermore, Twitter provides a “hashtag” programmed feature to allow users to indicate the main topic of discussion. For instance, media houses can invite discussions by providing the main topic in the “hashtag” section. People can respond to the topic of discussion using the hashtag. Besides, Twitter also has retweet sections that allow people to share on the tweets. The retweets are also meant to trigger discussions where during such conversations, people can tag each other and respond to each other. An individual is tagged by their username in the responses to enable them to participate in a given thread debate (Eyecioglu & Keller, 2015, p.2). It is also interesting that twitter can notify people when they have been tagged in a discussion. Both WeChat and Twitter give the users an opportunity to block other people from responding to their comments and posts. Many organizations and leaders communicate with the customers or employees through official social media platforms (Fernandez, Moctezuma & Siordia, 2016, p.7).

Just like WeChat, Twitter also allows people to send direct messages to different users. Initially, people could only send direct messages through mobile phones and other communication media. However, the introduction of various social media reduced the hustles of communication and people can send direct messages to each other at their convenience (Lee & Ybanez, 2013, p.2). Also, people can also share media files such as images and videos through the inbox messages. This option is unique because to facilitate the use of evidence in a conversation.

From the findings, Twitter and WeChat has programmed features that help in my learning career, enhanced communication with family and friends. Twitter appears as the most used social media in modern society. First, WeChat enables me to send files to friends and family members. Also, both are secure because of several authentication procedures of the social pages and personal accounts. The owner of an account has the powers to control all the activities without the external influence. It is also worth noting that Twitter is the fastest and reliable social site for spreading news. In this case, the users can receive the news as they occur. The information is also considered accurate because the support validates the media companies; thus there is limited impersonation and fake news. They also use authenticated sources to gather their information for the posts. Finally, Twitter is considered the best site for entertainment while WeChat is best for private communication social media between them. The program on the website allows people to view videos and other media files that are meant to entertain people. For instance, I can follow musicians and other artists and identify their latest songs. Also, I can also share songs, videos, and pictures with friends. We also engage in discussions as a group using WeChat groups. The ability to tag people and notifications makes the responses quick and efficient.

  1. Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Twitter is an outstanding social platform because of the desirable programmed features for media personalities. This social site fits the uses because it has features that are reliable, secure and efficient. I find WeChat an interesting site because I can share the media files such as images and video with friends and family. Currently, Twitter is rated as the most developing and most used social site in the world by media personalities because it is safe, and it facilitates the security of the information while WeChat remains the most used messaging application.