The meeting that I attended entailed planning for a sporting event organized by UPMC Recreation Athletic Center. Morgan, the manager, was charged with the role of taking care of UPMC recreation athletic center and minimizing accidents. Additionally, he made sure that all machines were clean, and there was smooth running of all operations. The sporting events were organized to ensure that there is improved collaboration among cultural groups. The meeting was prompted by the realization that sporting activities entail people from diverse backgrounds in term of ethnicity, race, and gender, hence the need to have an inclusive management team. The team in the meeting was charged with the duty of budgeting, marketing the initiative, troubleshooting possible problems, and communication of essential elements with other stakeholders.

The team was led by Morgan. He is more experienced in leadership, and, thus, coordinated all group activities. The team was comprised of eight people, with each gender having four members. Morgan was entrusted with the duty of recruiting team members and ensuring that all groups were wholly represented. During the interaction processes, there was the adoption of centralized structures where all people were featured in the decision-making processes. While there are positive aspects of leadership that I noted in the group, there were also some gray areas in management and leadership. In most cases, team activities are marked by conflicts of interests.

In our case, we all had differing personalities that affected the contribution of group activities. During the contribution processes, I noted that both Peter and Cynthia were aggressive and often blocked other people from making donations. On the other hand, Devour and Tokyo appeared to be reserved as they made a minimal contribution to team activities.

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