Evaluation Analysis of Pigs R US

Decision-making process.-Sometimes It is hard to make some decision regarding the operation and management of the business. In this case, when Morris was killed it became hard for his successor to not only sells the company but also to decide to whom the company will be sold.

Family commitments and age-Family commitments can be a challenge and a significant barrier to those managing a business. In our case, Vance Morris had just married before being made the successor of the Pigs RUS Company, and this made it hard for him to continue managing the company since he wanted to concentrate more on the family. He was also mid-thirties. This could be the reason why the company employed mostly those were above forty years of age.

Little knowledge of management-Vance Morris and his cousins were professional people and knew nothing about business and pork. Thus, they chose to sell the company to another company since they could not manage it.

Lack of cooperation from employees-Many employees and old managers resisted the idea of selling the company to another company only because of fear of working in a foreign country, language barrier and electronic system that was to be put in place. This becomes a challenge for the managers to put those changes in place.

Use a system that involves all the employees in decision making. The "old fashion" kind of management used by Pigs R Us Company was excellent. It makes everyone in the company feel like part of the company and actively provides an innovative decision in the company. Instead of Vance Morris deciding to sell the company he could have asked his current employees on the best management techniques since they had some knowledge on business and more specific on pork products.

Balance time for family and business-even though Vance Morris become a successor a short time after getting married and at relative he had to balance time for his family for him to be able to manage the company successfully.

Education and training on business management-Vance Morris and his cousins had to undergo some training and education on how to manage a business since they had little knowledge of the company. This could help them to get skills on how to manage and run the business successfully instead of making a quick decision of

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