Evaluation of the Agency’s Human Resources Management

Evaluation of the Agency’s Human Resources Management

Human Resource Processes

According to Wright (2018), HRM involves managing employees strategically and coherently. With proper management, the employees can collectively work individually as a team towards attaining the objectives and goals of the organization. In the Government Publishing Office (GPO), human resource management involves human resource planning and recruiting; employee remuneration and benefits administration; performance management; and employee relation. The first phase includes planning, recruitment, selection and hiring or placing. Planning encompasses identifying current, and future human resources need that is needed by the company to achieve its overall objectives and goals. It links human resource management with the overall company’s strategic plan.   Recruitment is the process used to find and attract potential employees to fill up the gaps or the vacant positions in the company. It entails identifying of job vacancies, conducting an analysis of the requirements of the job vacancy, review of the application, screening, short long and selecting the most qualified candidate or candidates. Interviewing in recruitment is the act of determining if the applicants have the qualifications needed for the position the company wishes to fill. Employee selection involves deciding the right candidate for a vacant job position from a pool of applicants. Only applicants who are highly skilled and qualified are selected.  By selecting the best applicant, the company is in for a quality performance.

Employee Remuneration and Benefits Administration is an HRM process used to decide upon salaries and wages, Incentives, Fringe Benefits and Perquisites. The human resource department understands that the prime motivator in employment is salaries and benefits paid to employees. GPO has through its human resource department has developed salary and wage, and reward and benefits programs which offer motivation to their employee to help them increase and maintain their performance.

Performance management is the other process. It involves helping the organization train, motivate and reward employees. The primary goal of this process is to ensure that employees meet the goals of the organization with efficiency. Designing effective employee training is necessary for the success of the agency. The process provides benefits to employees and the business only when planned carefully and implemented. Engaging new employees in an activity that makes them feel like part of the business translates to motivation and productivity from the employees and profits for the company in the long run. Therefore, training is a process through which the human resource in an organization attain knowledge and skills that help in improving corporate performance. In designing a training strategy, it is essential to develop one that meets the needs of both employees and the organization (Cloutier et al., 2015).

Implications of Human Resource Workforce

GPO human resource management employees are faced with a myriad of challenges which if not attended to in advance and with the right strategy will hinder service delivery. The primary issues HRM professionals and in particular the HR manager face is the issue of staffing. Recruitment and retention of highly skilled and qualified employees is a big challenge. It becomes a challenge since experts and professionals are demanding high pay which is becoming difficult for the HRM department to maintain (Bader et al., 2015). Besides, finding employees who will comply with set regulation and who will work diligently is a challenge. With the current advancement in technology, GPO requires employees who are well equipped with technology. Another issue is improper behavior and personal problems of employees which have become prevalent in the organization. The issue of absenteeism and termination is also evident (Bader et al., 2015).

Compliance with laws and regulation is yet another challenge. HRM managers are finding it difficult to comply with the ever-changing laws and regulation relating to employees recruitment. Internally, management changes concerning strategies, structure, and internal processes are proving difficult for HR employees to cope.

The other issue revolves around workplace diversity. Employees recruited are from different ethnic groups. This means that the HR department has to deal with ethical and cultural differences of its employees. The more the workplace is diverse, the more the risk of lawsuits for failing to protect employees from harassment is high.

Succession Planning for Human Resource Management

GPO human resources department has the responsibility of managing the agency employees to accomplish its mission and achieve its objectives and goals. The following managerial skills and competencies will help to prove the GPO workforce and the overall strategic goals.

Proficient communication skills: Managers need to have excellent oral and written communication skills. Effective communication calls for managers establishing an environment that promotes the sharing of ideas and employee involvement in decision-making processes. Such an environment establishes a good working relationship which helps to promote employee performance.  HR managers who are effective communicators listen to the concerns of employees. They also adapt and select their communication with employees’ personality types.  This way they will be able to communicate with employees of any changes quickly. They will also be able to manage conflicts within the workforce in a way the concerned parties experience satisfactory outcomes.

Provide high-impact performance feedback: managers and supervisors at different levels of management with the agency should at all times provide high impact feedback to the subjects below them. The feedback provided to employees should be by informing, enlightening and suggesting improvements to employees occurring their performance.  High impact performance feedback will help employees in developing full potential. Positive and constructive feedback is a tool for motivating employees to increase their performance.

Coaching and development: Managers at a different level in the agency are required to use their coaching skills to evaluate and address the developmental needs of the workforce. Besides, they will be required to use these skills in helping the workforce select diverse experiences which will assist them in acquiring necessary skills. Employees who are highly motivated through their managers coaching and development skills will have enough reasons to stay at their job and increase their performance. This is because they have been given the opportunity to learn and grow.

To achieve the necessary managerial and professional skills and competencies required to improve the agency’s workforce, GPO should create plans well in advance. First, the mission and the vision statement should clearly outline the goals and objective of the agency. This way, everyone in the agency, including the managers will under so what is required of them long before they join the agency. Second, only people talented to handle human resource well should be hired. This will ensure that people hired are qualified enough to move the agency forward.

Job Analysis and Design

The consultant position I am performing is the Human Resource Consultant. Primary requirements for a Human Resource Consultant are in-depth knowledge of human resource management, and a masterly in IT, accounting, sales, marketing, and finance and, to understand issues and inefficiencies in human resources and how to remedy them. To be an effective Human Resource Consultant, one must possess considerable knowledge of the human resources process @##@@.

In this position, I am required to understand the recruitment process and the dynamics that are involved in hiring people to fill new or vacant positions. As a human resource consultant, I am required to understand in details issues concerning employee remuneration and benefits administration. Lastly, I cannot be an effective human resource consult without a clear understanding of performance management and how employee performance can be improved through training and development. In another dimension, working with an agency like GPO, an effective human resource consultant is required to have mastery with IT and in other fields such as finance and accounting. These two requirements will be measured using the Management by Objectives (MBO) performance evaluation method. Through this method, my actual performance will be evaluated against set objectives.

The human resource consultant position in GPO will be an important factor as it wills the human resource department in numerous ways. First, it will ensure that the agency’s employees serve the best interest of the agency. This will be achieved in some ways. One, advising on human resource policies and procedures to the HR department. Two, analyzing the agency’s current human resource programs and recommending solutions. Second, ensuring that the agency is effectively using its human capital, it achieves its goals and at the same time ensuring employees operate at high levels of performance.  This will be achieved through the creation of a human resources model specific to the agency.



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