Evidenced Based Practice

In America, for example, the population consists of people of different religions, culture, beliefs, and values. Nurses working in different health centers have to be conversant with the diversities in various fields and learn how to cope with them. The aged are a vulnerable group hence the need for strategizing on ways of overcoming the challenges that nurses face when offering services to such group of individuals. This is important because despite the race or religion or the age of a person they are entitled to quality health hence the need for health promotion through measures such as diseases prevention.

When handing prevention among the elderly, it is important to establish a definition of health and promotion and ascertain whether and implement programs based on the definition. Primary and tertiary preventive strategies are effective in elderly members of the population as compared to the young (Boutaugh et al., 2014). The challenge that the elderly face is covering of the costs from Medicare and the reimbursable services for prevention of diseases such as pneumonia and prevention of hepatitis B is limited.

The purpose of promoting health by preventing diseases is to assist vulnerable populations to choose behaviors that are healthy and decrease the chances of developing chronic diseases (Boutaugh et al., 2014). In health, promotion communication is one of the principles which helps in creating awareness about the need to taking necessary measures that will help reduce developing particular diseases. Some of the strategies utilized in disease prevention and health promotion is encouraging the senior members of the society to engage in discussion with health providers so that they get more knowledge on symptoms, conditions and how they can be prevented. Such services should accessible and free so that individuals can take the initiative of visiting health centers at any time and get information related to different diseases or their symptoms. Vulnerable population members are educated through training, courses and support groups. Policies, systems, and the environment also play a significant role in health promotion as they ensure that healthy choices are available to the citizens (Boutaugh et al., 2014). On

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