Example of a Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our annual meeting for the year 2019.  It is a good day since everything seems okay with each one of us.   I want to recognize the presence of every stakeholder who has got time to be with us today. Thank you for sparing your time to help the company lay strategies that will make us meet our missions and visions. The purpose of this meeting is, therefore, to analyze the past performance and determine the way forward for the company.

Based on the plans for the last year’s annual meeting, it is worth noting that the company has managed to implement most of its decisions and the performance of the company has tremendously improved. Currently, our company is ranked among the top ten best performing in terms of employability and profitability. Moreover, the company has managed to remain number one in enhancing the social welfare of the community around us. It is an indication that we are on the road of meeting the vision of the company of achieving social sustainability and enhancement of profitability.

Last year, there was a consensus that there is a need to improve the work environment of the employees and boost their Morales towards achieving the goals of the company. It took the effort of the human resource management to improve the working conditions of the employees through a process of enhancing their rewards ant the time spent in the job. Moreover, the department ensured that the welfare of the workers is well catered for. This led to the increased performance of the employees and hence a thorough improvement of the profitability of the company.

Despite the improved performance, there were also some challenges that the company encountered. One of them is the issue was the slow technology in the way the company carried its business. In this case, the information technology and the data sharing between departments are steel below the standard of as a multinational company.  The internet system still proves to be a challenge, and therefore it reduced the rate at which the company conducts the daily businesses. The need to update the computers and the internet system to a more efficient technology n becomes one of the major concerns of the company.

This year, our primary focus as a company is to enhance the efficiency of the company through improved technology. I call upon all the stokehold dress of the company to join in the move to digitalize our services and enhance the capabilities of our services to the customers.  I also want to encourage the employees to continue with the work as we keep improving t their terms of service.  As a shareholder of the company, we request you to remain calm and let us the resources enhance the efforts of the company.

In conclusion, I want to take this opportunity to thank every individual who has helped to make this day a success. Your effort In building this company is not in vain. We encourage you to continue with the same spirit.

Thank you.