Fake News Discussion



In the recent times, especially in the post-industrial revolution, commonly referred to as the information era, the use of information is slowly surpassing industrialization, meaning that the more information one has, the likelihood of having a certain status quo in the society.  In addition to using information as a source of income, there are loopholes and disadvantages of this method. For instance, one might find themselves in trouble for plagiarizing another persons work. The most significant gap is the spread of inaccurate, misleading and false information, mainly known as fake news.


Fake News


I believe that the main reason as to why people fall for fake news is the lack of exercising our cognitive ability and also becoming lazy in investigating the source of information. Most people would rather believe knowledge of their favorite blogger or ‘accurate source’ that conduct intensive research on the issue of discussion. A person’s reasoning ability is dependent on their mind exposure to different tasks and information. Learning a new concept replaces the older perception and in the long run, improves the ability to analyze any situation critically. When it comes to fake news, the article specifies that “This body of evidence suggests that the main factor explaining the acceptance of fake news could be cognitive laziness, especially in the context of social media, where news items are often skimmed or merely glanced at (Pennycook and Rand, paragraph 9)”. It is an indicator that when people tend to least engage their brain for reasoning, they are likely to fall victims of fake news.


From the article, I am prone to fake news by rationalization. There are instances i would believe that my reasoning is accurate and would even research on materials or information that matches my findings. In the due process, I might read misleading content and would be even happier for discovering the news.




The best way of dealing with fake news is by encouraging the reading culture. Exploring your mind to various information increases one’s ability to reason accordingly and to judge an issue.

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