Family Health Assessment

  1. Introduction

The main aim of this paper is to give different components of the Calgary family assessment model(CFAM) about the 73-year-old Mr.Phillip Lee who is suffering from asthma as a chronic illness.When it comes to the context of the family of Mr. Philip Lee. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Philip, and this paper will explain his family life cycle and how the framework applies to a family that is living with asthma as a chronic illness.Phillip Leo has been living with asthma his entire life and the whole family is aware of his situation. Medical professionals have been using the Calgary Family Assessment Model to get the full idea and information as the whole about a patient or a subject of interest. The Calgary family assessment model is a framework designed in an integrated and multi-dimensional manner that is widely used by the nurses to assess a family with a goal of giving a resolution for issues in the family (DeMaria, Twist and  Weeks, 2017). Calgary assessment model has three significant parts including structure and functional components. As a student of nursing, the Calgary family assessment model was used in assessing Mr. Philip Lee who has asthma as a chronic illness.


  1. Family structure :

Structural assessment of  a family is  an important part ofCFMA because it gives an examination or basic components of the family. These structures are identified in three aspects such as internal structure, external structures, and contextual structures. Understanding the family structure of PhillipLee is crucial because It shows how they understand the conditions of the patient and whether they understand how to deal with asthma. The Calgary family assessment advocates for the use of the structural family makeup in showing the age, gender and other components of the family (Watson, 2011). Family composition, orientation, and other various components opening structure are crucial as well. Philip Lee was asked about the family composition, and he answered that he was leaving with his wife, he has four children who areall living on their own since they are old. When he was asked about whom he would consider as a family whom he was not related with biologically, he responded that it is the neighbor who he gets along with very well.According to Philip Lee, he believes that his family values the key issues of togetherness as they continuously talk about each other. Love and understanding are the most crucial parts in the family unit and can massively affect the operations of the family. Phillip also believes that gender does not have an impact on the family and that eve

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