Feminist Philosophy

This article looks at the issue of feminist epistemology. It studies it from different perspectives and raises an argument on whether to support it or not. The author analyses different case studies in her bid to develop the argument that gender affects how one understands knowledge. She asserts that there is a difference between those that are epistemically privileged and those that have the ignorance privilege. The article goes ahead to distinguish perspective and standpoint by maintaining that one obtains a perspective automatically by birth while a standpoint needs to be earned. She uses all these arguments to validate her assertion that gender influences the understanding of knowledge.

In her bid to build this argument, the author analyses the feminist standpoint and adduce that the same way that proletarians have a privileged point of view on the type of the ruling class that they live under, women also have the same view of the male dominance in the society. She uses the case study of a person in a wheelchair not being able to access a building since it only has stairs and another person who easily can access the building and sees no problem with it. This explains the difference in perspectives. The disabled person identifies an issue which the other person does not.

The article, therefore, raises some critical angles of this study. It shows how what appears familiar to someone else may be strange to someone else when viewed from a different perspective. In support of the author’s point of view, the arguments are very compelling, and one can only understand what one is going through by feeling what they are feeling.

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