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The professionals’ Overview

All the teachers involved in the interviews are from Foster Elementary, which is located in San Diego, California. The school professional trained in consultation and is involved with this interview is Michele Bronson. She is a psychologist and deals with students from all the grades. Michele has been in this capacity for the past five years. The general education teacher is Vicki Willis. She currently teaches the second grade and has been in Foster Elementary for two years. The special education teacher, on the other hand, is Germaine Monell. She is currently teaching K-5. She has taught several subjects for the last three years of her career including the capacity of being a resource specialist.

The School Website

Foster Elementary:

Question 1: Training and Consultative Focus

Michele outlines that while in graduate school, she had to undertake two classes that involved various models to be used in consultation within schools. The classes included some fieldwork activities, and there was close supervision from the relevant tutors. In addition, she has attended various seminars that focused on improving consultation prospects with other professionals. Michele attended the seminars after completing her coursework.

Vicki, who is the general education teacher involved with the interview, was not able to answer this question. This is because she did not understand what was being asked. As a result, it was not possible to get information on whether she had attained any form of training.

Germaine on the other hand, was quick to mention her education credentials. She has acquired a masters degree in Special Education coupled with a Resource Specialist Certificate. Michele asserts that before acquiring these credentials, she had to undergo various training regardin

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