Film Analysis- Mekko

Part Two: 200 Words

The film is made to include a direct documentary style with expressionistic touches involving the application of black and white imagery to convey the information by the film characters. Through this, Mekko is capable of clearly flashbacking his past life and sees how his grandmother raised him after being abandoned due to water contamination (Zweibel, Harjo, & Burris, 2015). The film also uses the style of superstition, which is evident in the belief in ghosts and other spiritual assumptions. The interaction of the choice of method used in the film was chosen, and this assisted in making the film realistic.

Similarly, one of the film-making choices that stood up in the entire film is the balance between the lights and the sounds. Shane Brown, the director of photography, did a great job of using both black and white imagery to distinguish between the current events and flashbacks. As a result, the choice helps the audience to avoid the confusion that may arise while watching the film.

However, if given a chance to interact with the film-maker directly, one of the questions I would ask is the how long did it take you to fully incorporate all the choices of shooting styles to obtain relevancy with the storyline in the film? Receiving the answer to the question would be essential since; I would have acquired various film-making techniques.




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