Film Innovation

Cinema development has gone through various shaping processes through consistent technological advancements (CineFix sec 5). Numerous technological advancements have attributed to the growth of the film industry right from the early stages of film production. Some of the innovations that played a significant role in the film world include the advent of the camera, 3D, sound systems, and color among others. Film making has however made a great journey for more than 120 years to where it is now. The invention of the cinematography in the late 19th century was the actual birth of film. Film producers generated new tools and ways of using the devices and as a result, aesthetic innovations were brought about. The introduction of optical sound to the film industry, however, brought about advancements and change in the film industry.

The introduction of sound changed the way the films were made (CineFix min 3). Even though the introduction of cameras had played a vital role in film making, it was not enough without the introduction of sound. The ability to synchronize sound and image recording simultaneously was difficult at first (CineFix min 3) Engineers in 1914 attached the film camera motors to the photograph motors using gears and the synchronization problem was solved (CineFix min 4). In 1927, an American musical film ‘The Jazz Singers’ featured a more complex arrangement which comprised of sound effects as well as singing. The introduction of sound brought life to the film industry. Viewers were now able to watch a particular film and interpret it. Viewers were able to achieve a better understanding of the particular films they were watching.  Watching movies became more appealing. A visual display is not complete without the accompaniment of sound display. Sound projection makes the viewing experience interesting as the viewers are now able to relate whatever they are watching to whatever talked about in a particular film. Therefore the introduction of sound to the film making process was the most significant film innovation process even in the present day film industry.


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