To: The Hygieia Health Minister

Date:5th March 2019

Subject:Briefing report on the role of public health and change and leadership in Hygieia's health sector


The Hygieia Health System is facing issues that are prevalent in the health systems globally. Forthwith, the Health Minister is looking for advice on what the system needs to improve healthcare in the state. Prevention and care are core functions that the integrated and modern healthcare service is supposed to achieve. Equally, there is the management issue, which is imperative in fostering change. With the aid of leadership and management, public health is anticipated to transform its operations. The Health Minister is keen on understanding the role of public health in the overall healthcare system, and the lessons leadership and organizational theories have for the public health sector.

Role of Public Health in the Wider Health System

The public health in Hygieia has an impact on the overall health sector. The public health assesses the health issues of the community (“Why is public health so important?” 2018). With knowledge of these needs, the sector devices strategies that would prevent the occurrence of a health epidemic. The public health collects, assembles, and avails details on the health status of the community.By working with other groups like environmental health, statistics on health status, epidemiologic studies, and studies on health groups, the sector gives timely information useful in stopping any health hazard from occurring. Undoubtedly, Hygieia’s public health sector depends on research into health issues, patients, education institutions, and even community organizations to receive this critical information. Hygeia’s public health examines the health needs of the population and formulates the necessary solutions.

The public health system also informs the public about health issues. The public health has an integral role in informing and empowering the community about health issues (“The Public Health system” 2018). By enlightening the public about health matters, people can take precautionary measures before the health epidemic breaks out. Moreover, the citizens are aware of how to get assistance should a health problem occur. Public education is done through healthcare providers, learning institutions, public safety agencies, and environmental agencies.The public health educates on health issues and empowers them.

The public health also aids in shaping policies. Public health aids in creating policies that promote individual and community healthcare (“The Public Health system” 2018). The ministry of health depends on healthcare providers, researchers, and health agencies in shaping policies that would improve the overall health of Hygieia's patients. Data from patients and payers are also critical i

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