Financial Instability Among the Elderly Chinese and Immigrants

Financial Instability Among the Elderly Chinese and Immigrants

Problem Statement

Statement of the Problem

Financial instability is a problem that plagues elderly Chinese and other immigrant citizens in the United States. If the seniors had jobs, they would be less dependent on handouts from organizations or relatives for survivals. The individuals would meet their basic needs, particularly healthcare costs easily with a steady income source. Moreover, the populous would have more social connections. Indeed, working with other people enhances communication and interaction with others, which many seniors need. Furthermore, if companies would hire seniors, they would be engaged in something, reducing their levels of boredom. Work occupies them as they put their hours in constructive work. Seniors also acquire new knowledge about the way to operate new technology and developments in their work areas. Multiple benefits would accrue to seniors should they be in stable employment.

In the U.S, many Chinese-American and immigrant seniors are unemployed. Consequently, they rely on the community and government agencies to offer them financial and social support. Organizations like the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) train and hire such individuals so that they have a source of livelihood. Without employment, these seniors risk losing their homes or experiencing deteriorating health because they have no income and could even be illiterate. The seniors are dependents on society. Accordingly, the researcher will carry out a literature analysis to unearth the prevalence of senior unemployment and the challenges it poses to the elderly and society. The findings will also be useful to guide future studies in the field of social work.




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