Flaws in Michelle Nunn Campaign strategy

Flaws in Michelle Nunn Campaign strategy

One part of the memo which may have led to the defeat of Nunn is on the research department which did not have a plan to investigate Republican campaign strategies and venues. The department was only set to investigate those involved in democrat planning.  It could have allowed them to plan once they realize any of their opponents would be present in their events. Nunn and the campaigners could easily prepare with questions which opponents presentpresent in an event like a TV show would ask. They would also be able to avoid some events or show up depending on the assessed productivity.  57

The campaign strategy team made a mistake to assume that the voter protection team does not affect the number of votes. According to those strategizing, the protection team was only crucial in documenting the process and clarifying election law. However, the election protection team affects the votes. More people cast votes in favor of those recruited to oversee the process. The team ought to have hired more African Americans in the team to attract more of their votes.  20

The campaign strategy had flaws through the wrong prediction on the number of resisted voters and the target group which could give Nunn victory. The firm predicted a voter turnout of 5.3 million which is lower than that what they had obtained from the secretary of state in February 2013, 5.47 million. With the information, they provided a much smaller target which could not give the campaign plan enough energy to aim higher. The firm also targeted 92 percent of votes from African American which is lower compared to what gave Obama victory 98 percent in 2010. With the target, they could not win the Republicans because the stronghold of the Democrats was on African Americans.

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