Food and Religion

Food and religion are two intermarrying concepts in the sense that food allows religious practitioners to faithfully relate to each other, the world they live in and the god they serve. In other words, through food, the meaning of certain rituals, for instance, the Hindu deity feedings and the Christian communion can best be understood. Food relates to purity and that food in overall influences religion. In the article, “Conversion Through Foodways Enculturation: The Meaning of Eating in an American Hindu Sect," Singer is explicit about arguing that food identifies ones' religion and even culture. Food symbolizes peoples' ideas and beliefs.  While talking about religious values and beliefs, Singer argues that in most denominations, food leftovers are left for their gods, an act that symbolizes respect and trust. A good example is Prasadam, is a term used to describe foodstuffs embraced by devotees of Krishna. To these people,

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