Four Friends

Lack of trust

Trust was the key that could have kept the friends silent.

The agreement among the four friends was to exercise silence. However, the failure to keep their silence arose form luck of trust. All of them including the servant was aware the lamp was diming, and hence the servant could have fixed it without being told. The fact that one of the friends had to say to the servant to fix the lamp implied like of trust for his friends and did not see the value of the promise they had made to each other. Besides this, thefriend who talked first could have woken up and fixed the lamp in total silence, an act that could have seen them accomplishing their promise toeach other. In other words, it is just possible that the friend was not willing to keep the promise and saw less need to continue with the act of silence. If they all had finished the entire day in silence, then it was possible that to have survived up to the 7th day. Trust could have been the only key to this assignment since keeping silence did not imply that they were blind to take note of the issues around them and hence act on them in silence.


Arrogance led to the friends breaking the promise.

Looking at what caused the promise to break is a simple matter that could have been handled by any of them in total silence. However, the tone at which the friend uses to inform the servant is authoritative. If he had seen the lamp dimming, then apparently the others inclusive of the servant had seen the same.  Looking at what each friend says and the tone implies arrogance only for the second and fourth pupil. For instance, the third one is more arrogant when he calls the other “stupid.” This only shows that if the two of them possessed such a character, then there was no way the second and the fourth pupils could have survived this deal. For instance, even if the second and fourth pupil could have been silent since they seem to be polite, it still implied the promise had been broken.

In doing this assignment, my perception regarding simple things or rather promises has changed. The friends failed to keep their promise just because of a simple act as fixing of the lamp. The title for the first paragraph, “Trust” explains the moral of the story. The pupils lacked trust where they could have just kept quiet, and any of them could have fixed the lamp in silence. Arrogance as the title for the second paragraph follows the second lesson of the parable. Arrogance among two of the pupil implied that it was hard for the four of them to have kept the promise of staying silent. The first one who speaks uses a harsh tone that shows arrogance, and even if they could have survived the first day, it was hard for them to accomplish the task with two of them having such an arrogant character. The value of this parable is that trust and arrogance can never work together. A promise goes beyond mere words to actions.


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