Fraud Attack

Fraud attack is an aspect that has been widespread with the advent of information technology systems. Fraud attack could be experienced in several forms including hacking, use of malware, phishing and other techniques which could affect an information system. For this research paper, we shall analyze phishing and its detection techniques in the banking sector. Phishing is the fraudulent obtaining of information that is sensitive for instance credit card data, passwords and usernames. Phishing is an example of an identity fraud that happens when there is a malicious website that attempts to impersonate the legitimate one such that the attacker can access sensitive information such as passwords in the process. In as much there exist several approaches through which potential phishing attempts can be eliminated, phishers often come up with new ideas each unfolding day which makes them to gain an undue advantage over the owners of accounts (Fette et al., 2006). They implement the use of hybrid technology so as to compromise systems where they get to access private and confidential information.

The authentication of the emails led to the application of a protocol referred to as IMAP. The email of the user should first authenticate the IMAP on the email account as well as provide the credentials for log in which would consequently perform an analysis according to the scheduled timeframe. Another objective of this research will be centered basically on some of the linguistic techniques used in phishing emails. This research will thus be able to identify as well as the detect phishing words used in phishing emails that are mainly used in defrauding banks. Through a set of algorithm reviews in the process of reviewing the literature, the researcher was in a position of formulating a solution based predominantly on a classifier Naïve Bayes classifier. This algorithm will fetch all the new emails, extract the contents of the message body, analyze all the words and eventually test the information against datasets that have been established. This is for the purpose of determining the phishing score of this given email.