Freedom of speech in decision making

Freedom of speech in decision making


Decision making is a process that involves a lot of commitments for one to result in an informed end decision. It is a thing necessary in any sector of the economy or any setting in the given community. This report presents issues discussed in a council meeting that took place at the borough of KennettSquare. The main agenda addressed include reports from president, manager financial committee and municipal relations committee, among others. Freedom of movement seemed to take the best part of the discussion, and thus it qualified as the main subject of debate.



The meeting took place at the borough of Kennett square where democracy became a vital issue. The meeting followed a well-defined list of agenda where the public comments were dealt with, public hearing, approval of minutes and bills took place. Reports unfolded from different dockets. All the critical discussions passed before the meeting adjourned.


The meeting was a public community based, and the main reason for the meeting was to agree on some modalities among the citizens. For instance, plan for a park in Kennett Square. The issues controlling the plan are the form-based coding is unacceptable in the borough, another development gained establishment in the same vicinity ( across the bridge), the town was found unable to hold all traffic, among others.

The issue of having too many bicycles made it hard to get to the town and the residents were found to claim that the city was small and walkable. The issue of democracy unfolded well where the members argued on the Africa American influx in the country. These people were reasoned out to have the rights of gaining education and voting. The incomes of these African citizens in American would be of great help in raising the revenue through taxes.

More money was found necessary to find itsway to the parking space. Again there was a recommendation for a new police car which would fetch some money from the sale of the vehicle held earlier on.Coming up with a new sewer and parking lot are two main projects that met the people’s brains in the meeting.  Need for Some fundamental changes came to pass which included that the number of people required to speak became two townspeople and residents. Stakeholders would have the freedom to, and this is a plus since it supports democracy in the country.

Many changes and Every individual would now feel motivated to air their views no matter their social classes of ethnic background. The meeting seemed to turn to the climax when the president addressed the people. The interaction made it clear that the head of state was for the idea of upholding democracy in the leadership. At the last moment, the president cryied when the committee agreed to pass it that there is a limitation of speech to only two minutes. He (the president) even wanted to resign since it was not in his heart to restrict democracy.


The meeting proceeded in an open forum where every idea from every individual opened up. Understanding one another’s points of view were the game, and everyone felt incorporated in decision making; This is one of the best meetings to have.


From the incidences encountered as the decisions resulted, my life as a student found a new look where I now accept to listen to others before the conclusion. A community or group that exercises freedom of speech is a strong one and ends up deciding wisely. Rational thinking is paramount in decision making, and this can occur where two or more people bring ideas together.

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