Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

What is FBA? Explain two functions of behavior with an example for each function

FBA is a combination of strategies used in the assessment of interactions between the environment and a particular behavior in forming an educated guess regarding the function of the behavior. Ideally, it encompasses different methods in identifying ecological and behavioral information. There are several methods of conducting FBA all of which attain the same objective albeit with slight difference in terminology. Regardless of the model in use, the process involves the collection of information pertaining to the behavior and environment as well as the formulation of hypotheses on the function of behavior. Information collected from the initial FBA stages is used in determining the behavior. In addition, it helps in painting a picture of where, when, with whom and with what the student is most probable to show the identified behavior.

The functions of behavior are grouped into two different types based on the objective. The first function is the obtaining of a desirable outcome and is motivated by an urge to attain a desirable thing. For instance, a student may start hitting their desk in a bid to obtain attention from their teacher. The second fun

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