Gender and Power: Male and Female Bosses(Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

Gender and Power: Male and Female Bosses(Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

A lot of discussions have been going on regarding gender equalities all over the world from time immemorial. The society has held men in high esteems when it comes to performing some duties than women. The thought of a woman being in charge of a prestigious organization or company to date is an ‘eyebrow raiser’ among many individuals. People tend to think that women are inferior when it comes to handling and managing specific posts assigned to them. This thought is, however, a fallacy because the delegation of duties knows no gender provided an individual can adequately perform in the relevant line of duty.

Female bosses have had a spoilt reputation over the past few years. According to a research that was conducted about sixty two years ago by Gallup Research Company, many American adults were found to prefer male bosses over female ones (Rubio-Marín 603) A small percentage of them, however, did not seem to see any difference between male and female bosses while just a few acknowledged that women could actually make good bosses. This situation regarding male figures as better bosses is, however, changing in the corporate world. The best boss is a partner who can listen and effectively communicate and keep the work passion alive. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Supreme Court judge in the US is a woman. She has effectively served as a Supreme Court justice where she has been able to fight gender discrimination issues (Rubio-Marín 605). By the mare virtue that the state entrusted her with this post; it only shows that she had effective bossy skills. Even though she is 83, she still performs effectively to her assigned duties. Vidi Mehra, the founder of candy cane club, regarded women to be excellent bosses because they possess an inbuilt crew resource management. It all starts with the way they can manage household activities which only show they are critical thinkers and decision makers.

In conclusion, gender does not matter when it comes to leadership. The ability of an individual to deliver and serve in whichever position delegated to him or her is what counts in the long run. Women can make good bosses just like men can.


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