Gender Roles, Norms and Attitudes

Gender Roles, Norms and Attitudes

Gender roles, norms and attitudes affect not only the behavior of an individual or humans in general but also the organizational outcomes and career choices. Therefore, such factors might adversely affect the entrepreneurial intentions of an individual. Entrepreneurial Intention is a personal orientation that might lead an individual into venturing into his or her creation and thus becoming self-employed. The individual automatically becomes a business owner. Various psychological phenomena and theories formulate the behavior of entrepreneurial intentions. According to multiple studies by scholars, entrepreneurial intentions are greatly influenced by the different gender perspectives including the different gender roles, norms and the attitudes the gender have on entrepreneurial activities and plans. Results of various studies indicate that certain types of gender were risk averse and therefore are reluctant to start their own business and also venture in other income earning projects.

Santos, Roomi & Liñán (2016) majored their study on finding out the relationship between the social environment and the gender differences in the formulation of entrepreneurial intentions. Therefore, to conduct their analysis and give their findings, they analyzed the different perceptions of both females and males. The research was done in two different regions of Europe including southern Spain and Southern Britain. The study was geared mostly on the gender roles and attitudes towards venturing into their businesses. The aim was to find out the specific perceptions that the different genders had on the when considering owning a business venture. According to their findings, the gender norms and attitudes had a significant impact on entrepreneurial intentions of an individual. It was discovered that the females had a negative attitude towards the entrepreneurial process as compared to the males who had better capabilities. However, both males and females agreed that the formulation of business is the role of both genders and not only the male gender.

Some few years, back in 2016, I was attending a workshop on the Entrepreneurial Culture and Development in Texas. The main idea of the workshop was to equip the young generation on the importance of entrepreneurship on their career development. In an instance, the speaker of the hour asked a few individuals give their perception of entrepreneurial intentions. Both the males and the females were asked to provide their opinions on the topic. It was worth noting that most females felt they were still weak to venture into any business activities without the help of their male counterparts. In addition, according to the statistics provide, out of the total number of attendees of the forum, only 20% of the females had their own business as compared to 70% of the males. It was also worth noting that 10% of the attendees had a negative attitude towards owning a business and claimed they would instead seek employment opportunities rather than owning businesses.

According to Santos, Roomi & Liñán (2016), the formulation of a business venture is the responsibility of both genders. Therefore, females should change their attitude towards entrepreneurial intentions and challenge males in owning businesses. This proves that the personal experience I had is a good experience on the effect of gender roles, norms and attitudes in entrepreneurial intentions. Even though the researchers indicated the role of both genders to formulate business, some females still believe that they lack the capabilities to do so. However, due to the current trends in the employment sector, more women are beginning to change their attitudes are already geared towards owning their businesses.

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