Genetic drift

Genetic drift is the change that occurs in a given population from over some time from one generation to the other. The change usually happens due to the allele frequencies within the population. The genetic drift is typically noticeable in small populations where the effects are stronger. The genetic drift usually have side effects on the populations that are affected.  The impact of the genetic drift might be either positive or negative from one population to the other.

Among the effects include populations of the people who are not affected reducing, few people are not affected by the change hence they look odd one out from the rest of the population. Those who are not affected by the change face challenges while trying to leave with the rest because they do not possess the same characteristics. The genetic drift leads to some alleles missing entirely from the population, where the effects affect small populations it becomes challenging in getting the lost alleles, especially among the small populations. The original population grows smaller and smaller until they get eliminated.

When the new populations are established, they face new challenges that were not faced by the original population. The challenges are new to the new generation hence fighting the challenges become a problem. Newly founded generation have traits that will take time to adapt to the environment. The challenges can only be dealt with in the wrong run hence the population will face the challenges before them.

In genetic drift allele frequencies of a population are prone to change from one generation to another as a result of a probability of an error occurring. Its effects are felt more in small populations whereby there is a loss of beneficial alleles. However, it is stronger than selection because unlike in natural selection genetic drift does not take into account the benefit or harm of alleles for the individual that is carrying it. In genetic drift, the outcome is either negative or positive in the sense that a harmful allele may be altered and a beneficial one may be lost. The main reason as to why genetic drift is stronger than natural selection is because the earlier does not depend on the benefits or danger of allele.

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