Genocide and Atrocity Crimes

  1. Intentionalism vs. Structuralism/Functionalism/cumulative radicalization

Intentionalism is a theory that states that work should be criticized based on the intentions of the actor. It mainly focuses on what a person’s intention was when performing a certain act. In the Holocaust perspective, it has been used to refer to the intentions that dictators had when committing atrocities. Structuralism, on the other hand, looks at genocide from the structural point of view and examines these genocides not from the intentions of the perpetrators but from the policies that were put in place. It states that the main aim of these atrocities was not to be genocidal, but they came about through the excess of some policies from states.

Meierhenrich asserts that the difference between intentionalist and functionalist points of view lies in the way they ap

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