Gestures are a vital form of communication which involves the use of body language to convey information that is easy to interpret. These gestures may be in verbal or nonverbal communications, but their messages should always be easy to understand. They are aimed at passing some specific notes during speech delivery which through that are best conveyed. Gestures may be categorized into various groups which include the following listed: These are enables which refers to those gestures that have a direct translation and can convey a message on their own. Another category of gestures is illustrators who are described as those gestures that aim at complementing one's actions, and this may be things like pointing at an object or so. Regulators are another form of gestures that are intended at either extending or ending conversations, and this includes when a person checks a watch. He or she will react according to what time it is. Other types of gestures are adaptors which helps one to feel comfortable while delivering a speech such things are scratching one’s head or holding their hair and the like. The final types of gestures are those that Affect display or view of the audience and such include facial expressions concerning one's memories. In the discussion below we are going to focus on those five categories of gestures.

Gestures are an essential ski

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