Global Issues in South America


Global issues are challenges that have adverse effects on the environment and the global community. Global issues range in strictness from minor problems that affect individuals to global risks that threaten the existence of the entire society or the human race. Therefore, cooperation among nations helps in solving global problems. Global issues that affect South America include environmental issues, food security, female education, corruption, and poverty (Svampa & Maristella71).

Environmental Issues Affecting South America

In South America, advocating for rights of the environment is critical. Such is because sources of water and lands across the continent are mostly exploited in the form of agricultural, logging, mining operations and ranching. The most pressing environmental issues in South America include hydroelectric dams, deforestation, palm oil production, and illegal mining (Smith & Teresa 40).

The Significance of Environmental Issues that are Pressing in South America

Hydroelectric Dams

Hydroelectric dams are a significant means of providing water and energy. In South America, these dams provide homes for species of fish which are consumed by citizens in the country. Some dams in this continent pose more harm than good. For instance, as results lack of consultation with local communities and poor planning, dams have displaced endangered species of fish and other animals, indigenous groups and floods in both farmlands and forests (Smith & Teresa 40).


The rapid removal of trees in South America takes place due to a need for agricultural land. People in South America do agriculture to meet their needs of living due to the poor economy in the country. Poor farmers have let to excess cut down forests to use for farming. They then burn the trees to produce nutrients to the soil to grow their crops. This is important because all of the nutrients required are found within trees and plants.

Palm Oil Production

In South America, the companies that cultivate cheap edible oil with high demand have failed to use sustainable practices (Smith & Teresa 40). The removal of forests and lands has been linked to a host of environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, displacing entire communities, habitat degradation, and animal cruelty. The removal of forests and lands provide room for palm oil productions has led to land degradation.

Illegal Mining

Illegal mining processes are widespread and contentious across the country, particularly mining of copper and gold. Extraction of gold has been associated with many environmental issues, such as destruction of riverbanks and forests and the contamination of fish, people, and rivers by cyanide and mercury. Illegal mining processes are also linked to human rights abuses, including sexual exploitation and forced labor.

A theme of Innovation in Sciences and Technology

Technology is essential in increased productivity and development to meet human needs, but uncontrolled technology has adverse effects on the environment. There is a need for innovation in sciences and technology to reduce environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, climatic changes resulting from global warming and ecological systems disturbances. Environmental planning, conservation, and forest management prevent emissions, replace harmful products and increase efficiency in an environment (Smith & Teresa, p.40).

Future and Present Impacts of Environmental

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