Goals of Prison Administration

Goals of Prison Administration

The leaders of corrections agencies must work within different realms of jurisdiction and responsibility, must respond to different external political forces, and must deal with different arrangements for funding (Stojkovic & Lovell, 2013). These three responsibilities lay emphasis on bureaucracy, politics, and budgets. In the matters of bureaucracy, society is composed of people who are not equal regarding power, influence, and wealth and this demands that the organizational pyramid is observed. However, bureaucracy can be slow and corruptible, and this makes it inappropriate especially when it comes to goal achievement.

Politics and politically correctional administration is shaped by the distribution of power which is the ability to influence.  The goal of good politics is to ensure that prison administrators can balance policies, past decision and the beliefs of the people in the system. Correctional administrators face a societal context characterized by controversy, competing interests, and differentially powerful persons and groups (Allison, 1971). Different persons and groups seek to “use” corrections organizations to further their beliefs, their visions, and their interests. For this reason, politics must be guided by ethics and values.

The last most important goal of prison administration is budgeting or economic considerations. Resources have always been scarce, and many correctional administrators will see as if what they receive is too little or not sufficient (Stojkovic & Lovell, 2013). To solve this issue, the prison administration must learn how to budget the available resources and minimize wastage. This is because there are so many areas that demand financial resources and they are continuing to increase. Therefore, financial discipline through budgeting is mandatory.


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