Going to Peru

The Andes Mountains Range is an unbelievable fabulous mountain; which hosts the magnificent archeological lost city of Machu Pichu has a fantastic history and fascinating features where everyone would wish to visit (Garreaud, 5). These mountains are the best places to explore since flora and fauna is one of a kind. The wild animal available in these mountains are attractive you have a  chance to see number plentiful and rarest wildlife on the world, and with just a pack of binoculars and fins, there is beautiful nature to experience at a very affordable pocket-friendly price. The country has a variety of outstanding ecosystem including a tropical rainforest and tropical dry forest, and this environment is suitable for visiting the country at any time of the year.

A lot of exceptional experience are best explored with the help of a professional assistance and with the necessary, appropriate hiking gears, to rule for enjoying unique experience in Peru is  to make sure you have an idea about most of these experience doesn’t just happen, sometimes you have to really work for them (Garreaud, 7). You may experience hardship communicating with the residents due to the language barrier, and especially if you can’t speak Spanish, you may need a translator who will help you to have to communicate with local

Peru prides itself on the pioneering of ecotourism and sustainability efforts and rightly so. The country is home to most eco-lodge that allows tourists to maintain an ecological footprint during their stay in the country without sacrificing comfort (Van den Berghe et al., 27)

Although as a tourist you may lack the food experience when visiting Peru, you need to prepare and do research on the best type of food to consume and various verities of fruits to take or else you will have enjoyable food experience due to consuming the most boring tasteless food which may ruin your vocation.



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