Good password habits

Response to Question Two

Good password habits are essential in ensuring that our systems are secure for any attacks. Most hackers always look at systems that have passwords which are easy to remember to give them an easy time to hack. For the safety of information, one can use the following habits. The password should contain a proper noun. For instance, one can have a password that includes the name of a pet, and then add some of the features like words that describe how it looks like. Moreover, one can also add website names to the name of the pet chosen. These kind of password are not easy to memorise to people who are not familiar to the pet’s name being used. As a result, it will be quite difficult for hackers to track these systems because of the complexity in the password. In this way, our systems are safe from any attack, and it can take them much time and money which is tiring to hack these systems.

Response to question four

Access tools are essential in ensuring that our systems are safe. However, they are easily within reach of hackers which can lead to loss of vast and sensitive information. This put their future in doubt as many people do not prefer using them, to provide security to their systems. Many companies opt for other security measures which can make the system entirely out of reach of hackers. Access tool cannot guarantee this kind of security which is the reason why many people abandon them in today’s world. Organisations prefer using passwords to secure their information and ensure that there is no vulnerability left for hackers to exploit. In as much as passwords are still being used, many people use the right habits to create a password which cannot be memorised easily. There is a high expectation that passwords will still be used even in the future because they provide maximum security needed.


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