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The United States federal structure is made up of four components: how the states and the federal government relates, the federal government powers, the sovereignty of the state and the constitutional limitation on state power, and how the states relate. The United States federal structure has evolved from many years marked by the interpretation of the constitution by the Supreme Court of America. Therefore, the essential nature of the American federal structure remains unaltered.

There exist three primary propositions underlying by the United States federal structure of government. First is the state sovereignty matter. The United States federal structure started with the states, as it presently exists. Upon independence in the United States constitutional theory, the newly created states succeeded to the power over the matters domestic previously practiced by the British Crown. Therefore, each newly-formed state was allowed to the Union, and automatically became mandated to exercise this power. With no doubt, state sovereignty is a “given” in the United States system of constitution, and the formed states do not rely on the federal constitution for their sovereignty source (Brownlee, pg. 14, 2016). The states are lawfully recognized and exercise complete sovereignty over matters domestic except to the range that a specific exercise of the sovereignty is limited or not allowed by the federal constitution.

The American federal constitution limits the sovereignty of the state over matters domestic in three ways in terms of power allocation. First, it offers that particular power, and very few, are federal powers exclusively, such that the states canno

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