Graduate student understanding of research in master education programs

Graduate student understanding of research in master education programs

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The article on the graduate student understanding of research in master education programs shows the various purposes of graduate study in education and the various platforms for teacher education programs (Moulding&Hadley, 2010). The article states that teachers at the graduate level can focus on the development of teaching professionalism as well as the other pedological skills. The main aim of those who are focusing on the graduate degree is also varies with some students focusing mainly on getting into research methods. On the other hand, there are those that are focusing on the knowledge needed for the advanced pedology. The programs act as a platform for various pathways that the learners can take to fulfill and write their theses.  Chapter 8 analyses different methods that can be used to interpret and analyze qualitative data (Creswell, 2012). The author points out that it is important to understand the data to make sense of them and relate them with the research questions.  The various steps of analyzing data are explored in this chapter. The first step that is recommended by the author is an organization of the data. The first step involves putting the data in the file folders or the computer files.  This step is critical in qualitative data. The next step is the data transcription where the researcher has to collect different texts through interviewing the participants. The process also includes changing want said into words in a computer.  Data analysis can be done by hand or through the use of a computer.The chapter is essential for any researcher as it shows them the best strategies for analyzing the most complex data in education. For example, without proper organization, the researcher can find it challenging to locate the different interviews especially if they are from many sources. Also, the author shows that transcription can be easier if the researcher reminds the interviewers to pause in between their sentences ads they record them. These two concepts apply to an educator who is pursuing research.


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