Granite Insurance Brokers: Employee Benefits Brochure

Granite Insurance Brokers: Employee Benefits Brochure


The Granite Insurance Brokers is a well-established company that has a large number of employees who work continuously to increase the company's productivity. Since the employees form an integral part of the company, they are also guaranteed to some benefits which act as compensation for their dedication in ascertaining the company’s positive progress. As such, every applicant who meets the qualifications of working in our company will be given an employee’s benefits brochure during orientation so that he/she can go through them to confirm if he/she is satisfied with them.

Besides, there are qualifications for one to be included in the benefits brochure program. The employee should be working at least thirty hours per week and should be married or divorced on a legal basis. Also, employees are allowed to cover their spouses and eligible dependent children. In case an employee demands some clarification concerning the benefits brochure, he or she can contact the Human Resource department of Granite Insurance Brokers. Furthermore, the benefits are divided into two categories which include mandatory benefits and discretionary benefits. Both of them are included in this brochure.

Mandatory Benefits

  1. Medical Coverage

            All employees who meet the qualification of the benefits brochure are guaranteed for medical coverage.  The company covers about 90% of all the medical needs of eligible employees. However, those who do not meet the requirements depend on themselves for any medical concerns. Firstly, the company has an implemented Workers Compensation Medical Providers Network. In this case, workers who are subjected to work-related injuries are given a priority of free medical coverage. To get this done, they should approach the Human Resource department which provides them with the mandate to designate a personal physician who can then cover for the work-related injuries. The physician will be paid by the company after the employee heals from the injuries. In case the employee does not have a personal physician, the company can be responsible for looking for a qualified physician to take care of the employee's injuries. However, medical coverage does not apply if the injured employees seek medical care before reporting to the Human Resource department of the organization. He/she will have to independent on paying for the treatment.

Secondly, Granite Insurance Brokers Company has established a Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which covers the healthcare cost of the eligible employees. Under this act which was passed in 2010, employees can receive comprehensive medical care which includes assessment

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